What are the chances?

It became it, in millions of years.
In atoms it formed by mud and wood into rock, under heat pressure and millennium. For me to hold! Just guide my hands, my eyes and touch my soul with a spark. A sweet surrender to the task, as its slave, I will discover each layer to the light house, that lights up the sky. In stone, cold and beautiful reds plus yellows scream out flashes of purple and blue. How can I enhance earth's beauty? Sixty million years and in a snap, the light came out of the cabochon, to show the day of iron ore the matrix patterns to all my awe!
A Monet! Pollock! Magritte! Or a Van Gogh!
A work of art, unique and strong.
What are the chances for such a goal?

Discovering Koroit opals

Jorge Foglia
San Juan, PR