Foglia’s central theme is the exuberant foliage interacted by the hand of man. Foglia in Italian means leaf and this is the base of inspiration for his creations. With a palette of intense colors, inundated by light and shadow, Foglia creates an impression based on another reality, from another perspective in the same central theme:
The interaction of humanity with ecology.
Many of his paintings are joined with poems and prose, reflections on nature and the effect of the human race.
His works also include wearable art in metals and stones in unique pieces that echo the main theme based on nature.

1953, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Resides in Puerto Rico since 1969.

1972 – 1976, University of Puerto Rico under Félix Bonilla Norat, Luis Hernández Cruz, John Balossi, Ramiro Pazmiño, Rolando López Dirube among others. His education continues for over 20 years traveling to Latin America, United States, The Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa. Accumulating life experiences for his plastic and literary works.

Gallery Representations
Galeria Botello, San Juan, Puerto Rico – www.botello.com | botello@botello.com
Verovero, San Juan, Puerto Rico – veroveropr@mac.com

Solo Shows
2006 Galeria Botello, San Juan, Puerto Rico
1998 Centro Cultural Lloc del Poble, Alicante, España
1997 Hotel Poblado Plaza, Medellin, Colombia
1996 Lima Tours, Lima Perú
1995 Oficinas Centrales Grupo Iberia, Asunción, Paraguay
1994 Circulo de la Unión, La Paz, Bolivia
1993 Exposición Pluma y Pincel, Hotel Plaza, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1992 Representaciones Gonzalo Endara Crow; Foro de Arte Exedra, Hotel Oro verde,
          Guayaquil, Ecuador

Group Shows
2011 Galeria Botello, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2010 Galeria Botello, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2003 Galeria Botello, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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          page 152-153 Pintura con propósito: Sembrando conciencia
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2006 Revista ArtPremium "Edición Especial Jean-Michel Basquiat" Vol 3 - Núm. 16 Octubre page 43