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Wearable Art
To uncover beauty that earth's natural forces made millions of years ago has to be one of the most gratifying experiences any cutter can have. The process of removing layers of stone until the gem reveals its self is all inspiring.
The beauty is there for the artist to enhance by letting the stone determinate its shape and what it wants to be.  
To see the possibilities and chose the best one, is a task that, the stone's potential and the experience of the artist come together to accomplish a creation or a work of art.  
A serious and unique creation that makes a statement, to be showed as bodily ornamentation rather than mere decoration jewelry; that is wearable art.  
No molds are allowed, there is no mass production, and each component is made by hand, then assembled into one single piece, unique from any other, one of a kind.  
Metals have vast potential if crafted in the same fashion. Each component is melted into place in a unique pattern not to be repeated.   ;
The rich diversity of what nature offers, wood, bone, amber, to name a few, have potential to become wearable art. Is up to the artist to unveil it.  
Jorge Foglia pursuits that potential, integrating his style and artistry on to raw materials that becomes works of art. In a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, a poem or a conversation piece, of unique quality, with a solid statement and clear message; the preservation of our planet through beauty and art.